Do pictures of NCAA meets packed to the rafters make you green with envy?
Do you wonder why your meet has but a few fan-boys half-heartily mumbling "Yay" after every stick?
Something horrible happens when you don't advertise: nothing.

How to Get More FansEdit


It's no use telling people how great the meet was last night. Advertise the most important details of your event at least two weeks in advance.

Give the fans fan infoEdit

"GASP. I'm a nerd. GASP. So am I." - Bart Simpson and Milhouse
Gather the details the fans will need to know including
  1. how to get there, plus a map
  2. how many dimes to drop in the money jar
  3. where they can grab a slice of pizza
  4. where they can get some shut-eye
  5. who the star attractions are


"Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. Was that our commercial? I. Don't. Know. - Bart and Homer
Make one description of your event that you can use again and again. A well made block of HTML, regular text and/or a JPEG will go on just about any forum site, so it can be reused. HTML can be cut and pasted. A JPEG can go on a cell phone.
A fancy PDF will only serve to encourage you to put in details that are for the people who already know what's happening, that's for handouts for the fans who have already made it to the actual meet and for the judges who are going to the technical meetings.