Releases to and from the high bar are common in high bar routines as well as uneven bars routines. In high-level competition, it is required for a good score. These skills are usually some of the most difficult, and often the most dangerous, in a routine.

From front support or hip circleEdit

Women's gymnastics only

  • Cast (swing backwards), stoop or straddle over bar with 1/2 turn: B
  • Hip circle backwards, flight with 1/2 turn over bar: C
  • Cast, release, full twist to hang (Caslavska): C
  • On high bar, cast with straddled salto forwards to hang on high bar (Comaneci): E
  • Clear hip circle, counter straddle (Tkachev) to hang on high bar: E

From long swingEdit

  • Long swing to counter straddle over high bar to hang (Tkachev): Women D
  • Tkachev piked: Women E
  • Long swing forward with 1/2 turn, release with 1/2 turn to Tkachev: Women G
  • Swing forward and front salto forward to catch high bar in reverse grip: Women F

To be continued...

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